Have a stroke of genius – and get paid for it!

Peikko Group is constantly looking for innovations that have the potential to be successfully commercialized.


Peikko is challenging its customers, partners and third parties to take part in its quest to make construction processes faster and more efficient.

If you have a bright idea that cannot be utilized by your company or employer, why not turn to Peikko?

Remember to consider your HR status and to check relevant agreements and laws before you contact us. If someone else also has rights to the innovation – for example, your employer or your business partner – you should contact Peikko together.

How the innovation program will proceed:

1. Contact Peikko’s CEO, Topi Paananen, at [email protected]. He will point you toward the relevant person in Peikko’s organization.

2. You will receive a confidentiality agreement draft, which will protect your innovation, regardless of the outcome of the future process.

3. You will receive an innovation disclosure form draft to describe your innovation to Peikko: what it is, why it is significant, etc.

4. Peikko will contact you within 4 weeks with its initial evaluation of the innovation. The following outcomes are possible:

a. Peikko sees commercial value for Peikko in the innovation

Peikko sees that the innovation is commercially viable, and Peikko will enter into a dialogue with the innovator. Peikko will pay an initial fee of EUR 1,000 for the rights to the innovation. Later on, the possibility of patenting the innovation will be evaluated, along with a flat royalty fee for the innovator. If a patent is applied for, an additional fee of EUR 2,000 will be paid.

The valuation of the flat royalty fee will be made by a third-party expert team. This expert team represents at least five industry experts. Peikko’s representative acts only as a presenter in this team. The flat royalty fee can range between EUR 5,000 and EUR 100,000.

The names of the expert team will be published at www.peikko.com/innovations once the expert team has convened for the first time. 

b. Peikko does not see commercial value for Peikko in the innovation

Peikko does not see the innovation as novel or commercially viable for Peikko’s purposes. 
Peikko is bound by the confidentiality agreement to respect the rights of the innovator.