Peikko libraries for Nemetschek - Allplan

Peikko provides Allplan components to the following products.

WELDA plates, including WELDA®, WELDA® STRONG, WELDA® Long, and KL plates. In the Column shoe category we have HPKM, PEC, and BOLDA Column Shoes.

Beam Shoes include the products RBC and BECO®. SUMO® wall shoes are in the Wall Shoe category.

For Anchor Bolts we have large variety of different models for COPRA®, HPM®, and PPM® products. The Lifting & Transportation category has a variety of WAS, BSA, KK, CSA, and ESA.

The downloadable package also includes predefined reporting templates to help you select components in the model and attach to your order.

Download Allplan components

Nemetschek - Allplan

Column Connections Installer for Nemetschek - Allplan

Designed to streamline the process of creating column connections, this innovative software plugin from Peikko offers seamless integration with Nemetchek Allplan, a leading architectural and engineering design software.