Bolted column connections for ease of design, speed of erection, and safetyOverview

With this cost-effective way to erect columns, mechanical connections are easy to design and need no temporary bracing. Bolted column connections make your construction process safer and faster.


  • Easy design process
  • Tested, reliable, and safe
  • Fast erection process
  • Completed connection as stiff as a cast-in-situ connection
  • Good quality/price ratio
  • Safe to use in seismic areas

Ease and speed of erection

With bolted column connections, you can easily install columns to foundations and beams or make column-to-column connections.

The use of our installation template ensures the right bolt spacing, which guarantees smooth installation.

The connection is made with column shoes and anchor bolts. The column shoes are cast into precast concrete columns, while the anchor bolts are cast into the foundations or into another column to form a column splice.

The beauty of a bolted, mechanical connection is that it can be done with a small crew on site and no temporary bracing is needed. As soon as the nuts are tightened, the connection is moment-resistant and the crane can move on to the next column. Once grouted, a bolt connection is as stiff as a cast in-situ connection.

Bolted connections locate columns accurately, speed up the erection process, minimize crane time, and enhance safety by maximizing accessibility on site.

Simplicity in design

We aim to lower the structural designers’ workload with our standardized and pre-engineered products.

When using Peikko’s bolted column connections, our design tools make the design process easier and faster.

  • Peikko Designer® free design software for dimensioning connections
  • Design components for Tekla, Revit, and AutoCAD

Read more and download design tools

How do bolted column connections compare?

There are several ways to connect columns. All of them work, but considerable differences can be found in their design and installation processes.

Many commonly used competing systems for connecting columns are challenging and time-consuming to design in comparison to Peikko’s industrialized column connections.

With Peikko’s bolted column connections, you don’t need to design temporary bracing as the connection is instantly moment-resistant.

Most competing systems are slower to install – they require a large crew and temporary bracing to let the grout cure. This leads to unnecessary time loss and unprofitable use of man-power and can affect safety on site.

Peikko’s bolted column connections maximize safety and efficiency.

Expert advice locally available

Are you looking for local support? Peikko offers expert advice during both design and construction, making for an effortless switch from other systems to bolted column connections.

Bolted Column Connection brochure

Read our Bolted Column Connection brochure

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