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HPKM® and BOLDA® Column Shoes and SUMO® Wall Shoe for disassembly

Bolting and unbolting makes full size building components circular HPKM® and BOLDA® Column Shoes are used for circular columns and our SUMO® Wall Shoes are used for circular walls. The bolted connections have a robust release system also covering the adjacent reinforcement and a more sophisticated set of grout types and processes to ensure speed, safety and efficiency for building, dismantling and re-building several times.

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Bolted Connections for Precast Structures - Enabling Circularity Without Compromising Performance

DELTABEAM® and DELTABEAM® Green for hybrid construction

DELTABEAM® creates flexibility, so you can use building materials where they make most sense. DELTABEAM® supports any kind of slab – concrete hollow core, steel, cast-in-situ or timber – and opens up new architectural horizons in terms of aesthetics, utility and durability with more livable space and reduced emissions.

DELTABEAM® Green lightens your environmental footprint. Made with more than 90% of recycled steel, DELTABEAM® Green minimizes material use compared to traditional steel structures, and is fully compatible with LEED, BREEAM and EPD for highly improved scores for your building project.

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PETRA® Green reduces carbon footprint even further

PETRA® Green is a one more step towards reducing carbon footprint of DELTABEAM® Green slim floor buildings. 64% of materials are recycled and CO2 footprint is 43% smaller than standard PETRA®s. All features and shapes of PETRA® all PETRA® variants are available.

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