Find the most optimal EBEA® Balcony Connector for your design.

Peikko Designer® EBEA SELECT is a free web-based tool that helps structural engineers to find suitable EBEA® Balcony Connectors for their designs. Finding a perfect balcony connector for a project is now easier than ever before. EBEA SELECT makes design faster and safer, provides you with optimized connectors in minutes and creates the request for quotation at the same time.

You can use EBEA SELECT with your Peikko Designer® account credentials. Logging is not mandatory, but it allows you to create a request for quotation for selected connectors with just one click. As EBEA SELECT is an online tool, no installation is needed, and you’re always using the most up-to-date version of the service.

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Usage and results

There are only a few mandatory criteria to choose from. After those are defined, the tool offers a set of suitable EBEA® Balcony Connectors. You can choose other available criteria or customize every model in composition to find a connector that meets your design requirements in the best possible way.

Please take a look on our EBEA SELECT tutorial video

Column Connection

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Anchor Plate

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Punching Reinforcement

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