Heavy Duty Bolts — For Demanding Anchoring Applications

Heavy Duty Bolts are used in demanding anchoring applications like wind turbine foundations. Heavy Duty Bolts are grade 10.9 and they are delivered according to customer’s specifications.

Peikko Peikko Heavy Duty Bolts are assembled using EN 14399-6 / ISO 7089 washers class 10 and EN 14399-4 / ISO 4032 nuts class 10.

Heavy Duty Bolts are available in lengths up to 11 900 mm. Diameters can be chosen between 30 and 52 mm. For other sizes please contact us.

Heavy Duty Bolts can be ecologically corrosion protected by ECO Galvanizing to increase the life time of the foundations.

Model options

Anchor Bolt Surface Coating Options

Anchor bolts are often used in various applications, from dry indoor conditions to harsh industrial conditions where additional protection against steel corrosion is needed. Anchor bolts are available with alternative protective coatings. Standard coating options for anchor bolts are described below. If other type of protection against corrosion is needed, please contact your local Peikko sales office for more information.

ECO Galvanizing

Peikko’s ECO Galvanizing is a cost-effective and ecological surface coating which allows anchor bolts to be galvanized partly or completely. The coating method is thermally sprayed zinc coating, according to EN ISO 2063. The minimum coating thickness is 100 µm, which corresponds to the performance of hot-dip galvanizing. The coating fulfils environmental class C3 of standard EN ISO 9223:2012. ECO Galvanizing is available for Anchor Bolt models HPM® 24 - 39 and PPM® 30 - 52.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Hot-Dip Galvanized (according to EN ISO 1461) anchor bolts are completely dipped into galvanized material. The method is suitable for HPM® and PPM® Anchor Bolts. The minimum coating thickness is 55 µm, which fulfils environmental class C3 of standard EN ISO 9223:2012.

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