JENKA Lifting System — Threaded Lifting System for all Load Directions

The JENKA lifting system, featuring a robust Rd-thread, provides a versatile lifting solution for precast concrete elements. With its well-matched system components, it offers safe and reliable solutions for various construction tasks.

JENKA lifting inserts can be installed either flush with the surface or recessed into the precast concrete element. Reusable lifting keys are then securely screwed into the inserts, facilitating a safe connection to the crane.

The threaded sockets of the JENKA lifting anchors are made from either galvanized steel or stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

JENKA anchors have a maximum load capacity of up to 125 kN, providing substantial lifting capabilities.

The JENKA Lifting System is designed and manufactured in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and VDI/BV-BS 6205 standards. Conformity is certified by CE marking.

Model options

JENKA Long Inserts

JENKA Long Inserts are used in precast concrete elements with a sufficiently large anchoring depth. They can take axial, diagonal and transverse loads.

  • SRA Lifting Inserts are particularly suitable for very thin construction elements.
  • JENKA TF is used when a concentrated load transfer via the anchor foot into the element is possible. 
  • WAL lifting anchors combine the positive properties of SRA and TF.
  • With CSA lifting anchors, the anchoring in the concrete is achieved by means of an additional reinforcement. It can be easily adapted to special installation conditions.
  • SRASW are special lifting anchors for lifting sandwich wall elements. The curved shape enables anchoring at the centre of gravity of the wall panel.


Model options

JENKA Short Inserts

JENKA Short Lifting Inserts are used where anchorage depth is limited, e.g. in slabs. They can take axial and diagonal loads up to 45°.

  • JENKA PLA, WAS and BSA differ in their anchor length and permissible resistance values. They require basic surface reinforcement and, if applicable, diagonal pull reinforcement. 
  • PSA lifting anchors were developed for very thin elements. They have the shortest anchor length. In addition to the surface reinforcement, an anchorage reinforcement is required. This must be installed with direct contact to the base plate of the lifting anchor in order to achieve the resistance values specified in the technical manual.


Model options

JENKA Lifting Keys

JENKA Lifting Keys are used to connect the JENKA lifting Insert located in the precast concrete element with the crane hook, the sling or the sling chain. Different JENKA Lifting Keys are suitable for different purposes.

  • TLL Lifting Keys are permissible for load directions between 0° and 45°.
  • TLP, JL and JLW Lifting Keys are suitable for load directions between 0° and 90°. In addition, TLP can rotate freely 360° around its own axis after being firmly screwed into the insert and can be easily aligned in the direction of the load application.

Lifting Keys with wire rope loop (TLL / JLW) are characterized by a favorable price, load handling attachments with chain link (JL / TLP) on the other hand by an extremely high robustness and durability.

All JENKA load handling attachments are CE-marked.


Model options

JENKA Accessories

The JENKA Lifting System offers a wide range of accessories for marking, installing and covering the anchor.

  • DSH marking rings help the user with identification after anchor installation.
  • The NP P and NNP mounting elements make it easier to fix the lifting anchors in the formwork. They are available in plastic or as magnetic holders made of steel.
  • PNP are visually very attractive and vandalism-proof covers for the insert.
  • CPP cover plugs protect the thread from dirt and moisture, e.g., during intermediate storage of the concrete element.


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